Accelerated & Combined Programs

At Rensselaer, unique accelerated and combined degree programs ensure you are able to meet your fullest potential, and get a head start on your fellow professionals.


Program Options

Physician-Scientist Program (seven-year B.S./M.D.)

This research-focused accelerated medical program allows students to earn a B.S. and an M.D. in seven years. Students spend three years at Rensselaer (in our School of Science) followed by four years at Albany Medical College, with no MCAT requirement. Due to the nature of the program, students enrolled in the accelerated medical program are not able to dual or double major.

How to Apply: Apply through the admissions office by November 1 of your senior year in high school. This program is open to all U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents (international students, including Canadian citizens, may not apply to the Physician-Scientist program). This program is not open to transfer students.

Please note: We cannot accept test scores later than the November test date for applicants for the Physician-Scientist program.

Physician-Scientist Program Applicant Information

School of Science Website

Albany Medical College Website

Accelerated Masters Program

Undergraduates are also eligible for our Accelerated Masters Program, formally known as the Co-Terminal, 5-year degree program. With this program, students may stay on for a fifth year and earn a master’s degree with up to 50% off their tuition, depending on their academic performance.

School of Science B.S./Ph.D. Program (seven-year)

The B.S./Ph.D. program through our School of Science gives exceptional students the unique opportunity to earn both their B.S. and graduate degree in just seven years.

How to Apply: Students in the School of Science who have a 3.5 GPA or higher after their freshman year are invited to apply to the program.

School of Science B.S./Ph.D. Program

MANE Department B.S./Ph.D. Program

The Mechanical, Aeronautical, and Nuclear Engineering Department offers a B.S./Ph.D. program for Rensselaer undergraduate students with a passion for research. In this unique program, students are able to conduct research during their undergraduate studies, begin their Ph.D. immediately after receiving their B.S. degree, and get paid to do so.

How to Apply: All sophomores and juniors with a 3.5 GPA or higher will receive an invitation to apply. Students may also be recommended by faculty.

MANE B.S./Ph.D. Program

Dual Majors

You may add a dual major after your first semester at RPI. Dual majors may be done within the same school, or between schools (i.e. engineering and business). Please note that due to the nature of the program, students enrolled in the accelerated medical program are not able to dual or double major.