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Luke Chapdelaine

Mechanical Engineering

Luke is currently in the Co-Terminal (B.S./M.S.) Program and will graduate in December 2020.

Hometown: Bedford, NH

Off- Campus Experience

Product Design Co-Op at Edgewell Personal Care : I used 3D computer aided design (CAD) software to model parts for shaving razors and other personal care products that are made using plastic injection molding.

On-Campus Experience

Rensselaer Music Association (RMA): I play drums for a small group within RMA founded by my friends and me. As a small group, we can reserve practice space/times, use provided equipment (drum set, amps, mics, etc.), receive assistance recording, and participate in small groups concerts once per semester.

Undergraduate Research: I use CT-scan segmentation and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to model biomedical systems. My Master's Thesis for the Co-Terminal Program analyzes blood flow in the coronary artery to determine changes in velocity, pressure, and wall shear stress in patients that have stenosis.

Teaching Assistant: I served as a TA for ENGR 1200: Engineering Graphics and Computer Aided Design. This course is required for many freshman engineering majors, and for me, it was a major factor that influenced my decision to choose Mechanical Engineering.

Admissions Ambassador: Give tours to prospective students and serve as a panelist at events.

Favorite Class

My favorite class has been Biomedical Fluid Mechanics. I have always been interested in the intersection between Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, and it has been great that I have flexibility to take engineering courses outside of my major here at RPI. Throughout this course, we learned about the fluid properties of blood and the anatomy of the heart, so by the end of the semester, we had a very strong understanding of what factors go into the design process for products such as heart valves and stents.