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If you are interested in bringing a group of 10 or more students to campus, please complete the Group Visit Request Form. We do our best to accommodate group visit requests; however we cannot guarantee staff and student availability. Please review our Group Visit Guidelines prior to your visit. 


Rensselaer Medal Program

The Rensselaer Medal is a scholarship opportunity worth $120,000 for outstanding math and science students.

For more than 100 years, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in conjunction with high schools around the world, has awarded the Rensselaer Medal to promising secondary school students who have distinguished themselves in mathematics and science. The Medal was first presented in 1916 with two purposes: to recognize the superlative academic achievement of young men and women, and to motivate students toward careers in science, engineering, and technology.

This merit scholarship, with a value of $30,000 per year, is guaranteed for four years (five years for the B.Arch. program) for each Medalist who is accepted and enrolls at Rensselaer. The scholarship is also extended for students in our Co-Terminal program, which allows students to earn both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in five years.

Find out if your school is a participating Medal school, or email medal_program@rpi.edu with any questions.

Nominating a Medalist

Each spring, participating high schools are encouraged to nominate an outstanding math and science student in the junior class to be honored with the Rensselaer Medal Award. The responsibility for nominating the Rensselaer Medalist belongs to faculty and staff within the secondary school in conjunction with criteria provided by Rensselaer. Once school officials have made their selection, they submit their nomination online via the password-protected medal website.

Once the nomination is received and approved by Rensselaer, an award certificate is mailed to the school for presentation at a school assembly. If the student applies, is accepted, and enrolls, the official Rensselaer Medallion will be presented during the student's first year at Rensselaer (typically during Honors Convocation in the fall of the first year at Rensselaer).

Class of 2023 selections are no longer being accepted. Selection information for the Class of 2024 will be sent to participating schools via email in early March, and selections will be due by May 1, 2023. 

Medalist Profile

Here is a quick look at the Medal winners who applied and were accepted into our most recent freshman class:

  • High school average: A
  • Average SAT* combined: 1473
  • Average SAT Math: 752
  • Average SAT EBR-W: 721
  • Average ACT Composite: 33

* Total score for EBR-W and Mathematics only

Please note: SAT and ACT score submission was optional for the first-year cohorts beginning in Fall 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Becoming a Medal School

In order to be eligible to become a participating Medal School, a high school must be accredited and have a valid CEEB code. In addition, in the case of an accredited home-school program, there must be significant competition within the junior class for the Medal each year in order for the school to be eligible.

In addition, to be eligible to become a Medal School, a high school must offer all of the courses Rensselaer requires for admission, which include biology, chemistry, lab-based physics, and pre-calculus. (Please note that most of our more competitive applicants will have completed calculus or above in the senior year.) This ensures that students selected for the Medal will be eligible for admission and prepared to thrive at Rensselaer. For more information on our admission requirements, please visit admissions.

Guidance Counselors: If your school does not currently participate in the Rensselaer Medal Program, please complete the Medal School Profile form online. If for some reason you cannot complete the online form, please fax the PDF form to us at 518-276-3997.

Once it is reviewed, we will contact you.



Slate.org is a free tool for school counselors, independent counselors, and community-based organizations to ease the burden of scheduling visits with college representatives, maintain awareness of where students reside in the admissions process, and conveniently and securely submit materials directly to institutions. By creating an account at Slate.org, you will be able to view your applicants to Rensselaer (and other Slate partner schools), view the status, and submit documents securely and directly to their file.

To find out more, or to sign up for a free account, visit Slate.org.


Counselor Tours

Interested in visiting our campus? We are happy to be a part of two multi-college counselor tours.

Upstate New York Counselor Tour

The Upstate Tour gives high school counselors a chance to experience Rensselaer’s campus, as well as the campuses of Ithaca College, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Syracuse University, Union College, and the University of Rochester. Participants will enjoy a half-day visit at each school, with meals, lodging, and transportation provided during the tour.  Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the tour.

Please visit unytcounselortour.org to be included on our list for future tours.

Or, come to campus anytime for a tour and information session.

The Upstate New York International Counselor Tour (International Counselors only)

This tour is offered each summer following the IACAC Convention. In addition to Rensselaer, the tour includes stops at Colgate University, Hamilton College, Ithaca College, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Skidmore College, Syracuse University, Union College, and the University of Rochester. Participants will enjoy a half-day visit at each school, with meals, lodging, and transportation provided during the tour. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the tour.

For more information, or to be included on the list for future tours, please email UNYICT@outlook.com.

Or, come to campus anytime for a tour and information session.

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School Visits and College Fairs

Each year, our staff typically travels extensively across the country and around the world to speak with prospective students. Our staff will be participating in both virtual visits and in-person travel for Fall 2022.

If you are interested in having a member of our staff attend your college fair or virtual fair, please contact collegefair@rpi.edu.

If you are interested in having one of our admissions counselors visit your school or participate in a virtual session, or if you would like to speak with the counselor in charge of your region, feel free to view our staff listing.