Dia Shah

Physician-Scientist Program

Dia is now in her first year at Albany Medical College (as a part of the B.S./M.D. Program).

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Off- Campus Experience

Mentor at iResearch Institute: I served as a virtual "Principal Investigator" while mentoring a group of high school students in completing a project in their choice of discipline (molecular markers in cancer research). I reinforced scientific research methods and data science concepts, while formulating project ideas and aiding in execution.

On-Campus Experience

RPI Rounak (Bollywood Fusion Dance Team): As a Captain, I was a lead choreographer of various styles and I led the team in performing at events around campus as well as competitions.

Greek Life: I am an active member of Alpha Phi, participating in sisterhood events as well as recruitment.

RPI Indian Student Association (ISA):  I am an active member of ISA, where I help set up, participate, and perform at cultural and social events and try to recruit new members to join our club and spread our culture around campus!

Admissions Ambassador: Gave tours to prospective students and served as a panelist at events.

Favorite Class

My favorite class thus far has been Speech Communication. I have always been interested in public speaking and most of my past high school experiences and activities have involved it! I appreciate the art of delivering a good speech and I love learning new skills. Everything I have learned and will continue to learn in this class will definitely stick with me forever and will help me in many endeavors, since delivering a speech is involved in many aspects of a professional career. I also love that my program allows me the flexibility to take classes, like Speech Communication, to pursue my non-medical related interests.