Accelerate Your Degree

The ACCEL program gives highly motivated students the opportunity to obtain a B.S. and M.S. degree in four years, while still participating in key components of the college experience.

Rensselaer offers a unique program for talented and exceptional students to achieve their educational goals more quickly and economically. ACCEL gives students the opportunity to complete their undergraduate degree in just three years, while still being able to study abroad, hold internships, volunteer, participate in Greek life, and enjoy all other aspects of campus life.

For those motivated students who want to continue their studies further, the ACCEL+ program offers the opportunity to complete a master’s degree in one additional year without having to take the GRE or GMAT or apply to graduate school. ACCEL + students continue to receive their full financial aid package across the four years of their studies.

The multidisciplinary nature of the program allows students to work with their academic adviser to create their own plan of study.

The Rensselaer Advantage

Other programs in higher education offering similar opportunities are not as expansive, nor do they maintain financial aid while students earn their graduate degree in year four. Where the Rensselaer program stands out among tier one institutions is in the design of clear curricular templates and a strong focus on advisement.


Complete your undergraduate degree in just three years.


Earn a master’s degree in one additional year without having to apply to graduate school.