Katherine Scoullos

Biomedical Engineering, Economics minor

Hometown: Paramus, NJ

On-Campus Experience

Society of Women Engineers (SWE): As an active and societal member, I also serve on the Outreach Committee to empower young women in STEM.

Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)

Rensselyrics (A Cappella): Currently the Operations Officer coordinating events on campus.

Rensselaer Concert Choir

Admissions Ambassador: Give tours to prospective students and serve as a panelist at events.

Favorite Class

My favorite class so far would have to be Intro to Cell Biology! It was an extremely interesting class where I learned much about how cells communicate in order to perform tasks in the body. Likewise, it provided me with laboratory experience necessary for my field with labs performing as protein assays and SDS-PAGE. I definitely learned a lot and am able to apply my knowledge to analyze immune responses to various materials implanted in the body, and even drug interactions.