Transfer Scholarships

Rensselaer offers transfer students a wide range of aid options and a staff of financial aid professionals who will work with you to devise the best solutions.

In an effort to distribute funds equitably, it is Rensselaer’s policy not to combine multiple merit scholarships in any one financial aid award. Students who receive the Rensselaer Mathematics and Science Award (the Rensselaer Medal) in high school, or who have already earned a bachelor’s degree are not eligible for these scholarships. Special merit scholarships will be incorporated into need-based packages if financial need is demonstrated by the FAFSA and CSS PROFILE applications.

Unless otherwise noted, all the scholarships below provide a minimum of $18,000 per academic year and are renewable. Generally speaking, the maximum number of semesters a student may receive the award is dependent on the individual’s credits that transfer. For example, a student who would be transferring as a junior would receive 4 semesters of eligibility, 6 if participating in our Co-Terminal Program. Revisions are only made for reasons described in the Revision of Awards section of the Student Guide to Financial Aid.

PLEASE NOTE: If a student earns multiple Rensselaer merit scholarships, the university will award the highest merit award for which the student is qualified, but does not combine multiple awards. Total Rensselaer provided scholarships and/or tuition benefits may not exceed tuition.


Affiliated Two-Year and Community Colleges

The Award for Excellence

This scholarship is for the top student transferring into a non-engineering program from two-year affiliated colleges and universities.

The Joseph H. Smith Jr. ’45 Award

This award was created for the most outstanding student in the engineering science program at our affiliated community colleges. Generally, the award is presented to the qualifying student with the highest cumulative average.


Four-Year Affiliated Colleges and Universities

The Award for Excellence

Awarded to the top student transferring to our engineering program from each of our four-year affiliated colleges and universities.


Two- and Four-Year Affiliated Colleges

The Garnet D. Baltimore Rensselaer Award and Scholarship for Minority Students

This annual scholarship is awarded to the qualifying African American, Hispanic, or Native American student with the highest combined average in mathematics and science at each of our two- and four-year affiliated colleges.

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Phi Theta Kappa Society Scholarship

Phi Theta Kappa recognizes intellectual achievement in American two-year colleges. All Theta Kappa Society transfer students who are accepted and subsequently enroll at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute will receive the $5,000 annual scholarship.