Federal Work-Study (FWS)

A federally-funded work program based on financial need. Depending on availability, some students may be able to work in community service-related positions.  

The amount of your FWS is the maximum amount you may earn during the academic year.  Working up to seven hours a week will allow you to earn your maximum award. Earnings are paid bi-weekly, usually via direct deposit. An offer of FWS is not a guarantee of a job.  Your job assignment information will be posted to SIS under the Special Messages tab prior to the start of the semester.

As there is no guarantee that the money will be earned, the potential earnings from your work award will not be credited to your student account or considered as an anticipated payment for billing purposes. Earnings are paid directly to students  for hours worked; therefore, we advise you not to consider any Federal Work Study award as money available to pay for school expenses at the beginning of each semester. Federal Work Study earnings may be used at your discretion. 

Everyone who completes the FAFSA is considered for FWS. If you qualify for the program, you will see FWS on your award letter and/or in SIS. If you do not qualify, there may be additional employment opportunities on campus. For more information, visit RPI's Career and Professional Development Center

Special notes for the job listing below

* Denotes a Community Service position

** For students assigned to one of these departments, it will be listed as "Rensselaer Union Administration Office" on their Work Study placement notification due to departmental merges.

*** For students assigned to one of these departments, it will be listed as "HASS-Deans Office" on their Work Study placement notification due to departmental merges.


Job Descriptions


Job Description: Clerical position. Duties include filing, stuffing envelopes for mailing, labeling, running campus errands, opening and sorting incoming mail, etc.  May include light moving of supplies to and from the basement storage area.    

Skills: Attention to detail, strong work ethic. 

Advising & Learning Assistance Center

Job Description: Data entry, running errands, answering phones, and general office duties.

Skills: None

Alumni Relations

Job Description: Clerical position. Duties include general office work such as typing, working with Excel spreadsheets and Word documents, running campus errands, and working with confidential information. Also may provide assistance during events.

Skills: Must use discretion and judgment when reviewing confidential information.

America Counts*

Job Description: Tutoring and mentoring children in grades pre-K through 9 in math skills. Students work with teachers in public, private and parochial schools in Troy helping youngsters to become proficient in math skills. Tutoring will take place in local schools during school hours or in local libraries and museums in early evening or on Saturdays in the Tutor Time program, depending on student's schedule. Training occurs in early September and support is given all year to all Work Study student tutors. Hired students are paid for their training and for preparation time each week, as well as for the traveling and tutoring time each session.

Skills: Students must value math, like children, and have some prior experience working with children, such as with siblings, in schools, or on campus. Applicants will be interviewed by program director.

America Reads*

Job Description: Tutoring and mentoring children in grades pre-K through 3 in reading skills. Students work with teachers in public, private and parochial schools in Troy helping youngsters learn basic reading skills and to love reading. Tutoring will take place in local schools during school hours or in local libraries and museums in early evening or on Saturdays in the Tutor Time program, depending on student's schedule. Training occurs in early September and support is given all year to all Work Study student tutors. Hired students are paid for their training and for preparation time each week, as well as for the traveling and tutoring time each session.

Skills: Students must value reading, like children, and have some prior experience working with children, such as with siblings, in schools, or on campus. Applicants will be interviewed by program director.

Archer Center for Student Leadership Development

Job Description: Office duties including telephone support, assistance with registration for various programs, assistance with planning special events, light data entry, organizing materials as needed, and greeting visitors and customers.

Skills: None

Architecture-Dean's Office

Job Description: Clerical position. Duties include general office work such as light typing, filing, mail distribution, and researching information for faculty, etc, as well as general building clean-up and light moving of furniture.

Skills: None

Architecture Library

Job Description: Clerical position with some research and maintenance duties. Specifics include providing service and support at circulation/reserve desk, checking in/out library materials, answering the phone, providing directional/reference assistance, organizing class reserve materials, fulfilling interlibrary loan requests, recording statistics, maintaining copy machine and printers, typing, and other clerical duties. Maintaining stacks includes shelving books, journals, videos, maps and slides in the correct order. Position also involves dusting and light cleaning of the library, arranging and moving materials within the library, and helping with daily campus deliveries.

Skills: Excellent customer service and communication skills needed, consistent attendance required, willingness to learn basic library policies.

Arts Department***

Job Description: Audio and video equipment rental service, checking audio- and video-related equipment in and out to Rensselaer students, faculty, and staff. General related duties include answering the main office phone, making copies, scanning documents and doing data entry, as well as assisting with completing printing projects and delivering promotional materials for department events. Job may also involve helping to setup and breakdown events for the department such as performances, faculty meetings and lectures. Will also assist in maintaining office upkeep such as watering plants, wiping off tables and equipment, helping with weekly lab/classrooms maintenance, and assisting in audio and video equipment maintenance. May occasionally be required to operate video and/or audio equipment for special events when needed.

Skills: Basic knowledge of audio and video equipment required, but not necessary. Attention to detail a must. Excellent customer service required. General office duties, data entry skills, Organization, Verbal, Communication, customer focus, multi-tasking. Must also have strong communication skills, basic computer knowledge, and an ability to follow multi-step directions; must also be personable and maintain a business casual appearance.


Job Decription: Several positions within the department.  Positions include:  maintenance, clerical, equipment room work, and lifeguard.  Athletics supervisor will assign you to a particular job within the department.  Jobs may involve assisting staff with pre-practice, pre-game preparation, event coverage, event setup and cleanup, room and supply maintenance, overall care to athletes and their injuries, handling athletic equipment, laundry, inventory, building maintenance and cleaning, game-day services (statistical-based).  Also, clerical duties may include answering phones, taking messages, directing visitors, photocopying, mass mailings, computer work, running campus errands, etc.  Lifeguard positions also available.  Videotaping practices Football/Hockey.

Skills: Some jobs in this department do not require special skills.  Skills needed for certain positions include CPR and first aid skills, American Red Cross Lifeguard Training, computer and typing skills, phone skills, friendly and out-going personality.


Description: Clerical work and some lab work.  Duties include filing, computer work, photocopying, campus errands, typing, stuffing folders and envelopes.

Skills: None

Biomedical Engineering

Job Description: Clerical work.  General office support including filing, shredding, campus errands, typing, computer work, web searches and scanning documents.  Assisting faculty with data entry.

Skills: Computer Knowledge helpful, especially knowledge of MS Word, Excel and Access.

Bursar's Office

Job Description: Clerical and computer work. Duties include filing, data entry, alphabetizing, typing, helping with campus deliveries, mailings and other clerical tasks as assigned.

Skills: Must be good with numbers, and have an attention to detail.

Campus Card Office

Job Description: Clerical position. Duties include filing ID and R.A.D. deposit slips, and making RAD deposits on the cash register.

Skills: Ability to decipher illegible handwriting a plus.

Campus Parking & Transportation

Job Description: Filing, copying, data entry and miscellaneous office duties as assigned.  Conduct, distribute and collect Rensselaer and CDTA bus surveys.  Remove outdated postings and advertisements at bus shelters.  Provide parking lot support and access gate control during campus events working approximately 2-3 Saturdays each semester in addition to normal weekday assignments.  Assist Parking Enforcement Specialist (PES) by placing citations on vehicles and notification to PES of non-compliant vehicles.

Skills: Excellent customer service skills and ability to perform duties in accordance with Institute and department policies and procedures.

Center for BioTechnology

Job Description: Microbiology and Analytical cores-hep with upkeep (mostly cleaning) of the fermenters; organizing, making sure things are cleaned and in place. Refill containers; racking tips; making sure bottles and containers are full of water; folding brochures.  (some tasks may be a dirty job) Proteomics-general:  preparation of standards keeping inventory of chemicals and consumables.  Any other routine tasks that will help the Core Director to manage the facility.

Skills: None.

Center for Career and Professional Development

Job Description: General office work and serving as career assistant. Duties include answering telephones, filing, typing, computer work, photocopying, etc, and helping promote CDC events. Professional conduct is required for working the CDC recruiting area and in the CDC.

Skills: Customer service skills required for dealing with students and visiting employers. Computer skills needed, especially knowledge of MS Word and Excel.

Center for Initiatives in Pre-College Education (CIPCE)

Job Description: Lab Assistant. Duties include copying, filing/sorting, running campus errands, posting flyers, maintaining interactive technologies and related equipment, and tracking various equipment needed for program success. Assistance also needed with curriculum development, project design and program setup and closing.

Skills: Ability to follow instructions. Ability to use office equipment; copier, printer, fax and scanner. Ability to learn various programming software for interactive technologies. (ex. Robolab and Scratch)

Center for Materials, Devices and Integrated Systems (cMDIS)

Job Description: Clerical and other duties as needed, including copying, filing, answering phones, running errands, scanning reports, etc.

Skills: None

Chapel + Cultural Center*

Job Description: Position involves performing security, maintenance, public relations and clerical functions. Security duties include supervision of various group meetings, building lock-up (if working the night shift), periodic check-up of doors and windows, supervision of grounds. Maintenance duties include cleanup of the Center, cleanup after group meetings, grounds cleanup, and control of lights, heat, and air conditioning. Public relations duties include helping run events, poster distribution, act as host for all groups who are scheduled at the Center, answer telephone in a courteous and responsible manner. Other duties may be assigned. Some weekend work occasionally required.

Skills: Must be personable and have good communication skills.

Chemical Engineering

Job Description: Clerical position. Duties include filing, photocopying, running campus errands, etc.

Skills: None


Job Description: Clerical and research work. Duties include doing inventory, making repairs and improvements, preparing electrical apparatus and equipment, standardizing instruments, transfering chemicals and supplies, preparing solutions and reference standards, and performing general office and computer work.

Skills: None.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Job Description: Clerical position. Duties include filing, running errands on campus, copying, answering phones, light typing, preparing bulletin boards, helping professors as needed, etc. Also involves straightening up labs and office spaces.

Skills: None

Client Information Services (CIS)

Job Description:  Data Entry, working with word and Excel documents, appointment scheduling, running errands and posting flyers on campus, staffing reception desk as needed and general office duties.  May also need to provide assistance during ALAC events.

Skills: Dependable, excellent customer service/phone skills, attention to detail and working with confidential information.

Client Information Services/Computer Repair

Job Description: Duties include assisting in the expediting of receiving/distribution of parts to Rensselaer Computer Repair's technical team, as well as helping with delivery and pick-up of completed repaired computers and peripherals to various locations on campus. Must provide general computer support to all members of campus community, and be able to respond to questions in person, via telephone and online.       

Skills: Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds and be organized. 

Clubhouse Pub**

Job Description: Duties include bar service, table waiting, checking IDs at the door, cleaning, re-stocking, and closing.  Work includes handling cash. “TIPS” training required for new staff. Training sessions offered in early fall.

Skills: Good communication and interpersonal skills, reliability, loyalty; restaurant experience helpful but not required. Must be a team player.

Computer Science

Job Description: Clerical and technical positions. Clerical duties include running errands, photocopying, distributing mail, posting notices on seminar/conferences, maintaining employment and education bulletin boards, recycling, unloading and stocking copy paper, answering telephones, covering/closing the main office and other rooms when the department secretary is not available, and assisting with weekly colloquium and bulk mailings when required. Technical position offers a variety of tasks suiting different skill levels. In addition to daily maintenance tasks such as stocking printers, qualified students will have the opportunity to aid the department in tasks such as troubleshooting, networking installation, programming and web development, as well as other miscellaneous system work as needed.

Skills: Typing and telephone skills needed for clerical positions. Computer knowledge needed for technical positions.

Core Engineering

Job Description: Clerical and laboratory positions. Clerical duties include copying, filing, running campus errands, doing computer work, shredding, helping with on- and off-campus mailings, and other projects as needed. Laboratory duties involve supporting classes and student project work in one of the following shops: the Advanced Manufacturing Lab, the JEC Student Shop, or the MDL Fabrication and Prototyping Area. Under the direct supervision of shop staff, the student will operate various manufacturing equipment, instruct students on safe operation of equipment, and deliver laboratory modules as needed. The student will also assist in following classes: ENGR-1100 IEA, ENGR-1200, EG & CAD, ENGR-1300, ENG. Processes, ENGR-1400 ENG. Communications, ENGR-2050 IED, ENGR-2350 Embedded Control

Skills: Use of machines relating to engineering processes class. Must be a sophomore, junior, or senior level engineering student.

Darrin Fresh Water Institute (DFWI)

Job Description: Lab field. Duties include assisting in preparation of media, solutions, sterilization of glassware and other materials for molecular biology. Majority of work will be in preparation of materials for experiments; however, highly motivated students will have some opportunity to assist in scientific experimentation.

Skills: None

Dean of Students Office*

Job Description: The Dean of Students office is seeking highly motivated and organized students to assist with general office work such as answering phones, taking messages, working with confidential information, assisting with mailings, and filing paperwork.

Skills: Students should be dependable, excellent with customer service, team focused, detail oriented, and flexible and adaptable to working in a fast-paced environment.  Students must attend a bi-weekly training meeting in order to work in this office.

Dot CIO/Multimedia Services

Job Description: Student Programmer position. Involves coding, testing and troubleshooting programs utilizing existing hardware, database and programming technology. Student will maintain and modify existing programs, make approved changes and amend flow charts, analyze performance of programs and correct deficiencies based on consultation with users and approval of superviosr. Student will also confer with users to gain understanding of needed changes or modifications of existing programs, and write and maintain programming documentation.

Skills: Able to work a minimum of six hours a week and commit to at least two full years of student emplyment. Demonstrated commitment to quality and dependable attendance. Knowledge of progamming procedures and languages including ASP, MSSQL, Jquery, CSS and JSON. Ability to process data and to format and generate reports. Ability to write technical instructions in the use of programs and/or program modifications.

Earth & Environmental Science

Job Description: Clerical position. Duties include filing, distributing mail, copying, running campus errands, answering phones, working on computer projects, and helping organize labs. Lab Assistant - Some students will have the opportunity to work in faculty research labs.

Skills: Basic office skills, minor Excel and Word computer skills and a friendly disposition desired. Lab assistants must be able to follow instructions, have an attention to detail, and practice careful and accurate lab techniques.

Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering (ECSE)

Job Description: Clerical and technical positions. Clerical duties include preparing course materials for faculty, delivering mail to different offices on campus, answering phones and other office duties as assigned. Technical duties include assisting in networking and teaching labs when needed.

Skills: None

Environmental & Site Services/Assistant Mail Clerk

Description: Operate postage meter machine, hand apply labels, envelope inserts, look up addresses, sort mail and packages.  Receive student, faculty and staff packages and process into tracking system.  Scan out packages for customers

Skills:  Ability to lift bins, boxes and bags of mail weighing up to 40lbs.  Safety Training required (EHS online Work-Study Student Training).  Physical Required.

Environmental & Site Services/Office Clerk

Description: Working under the direction of the Administration Coordinator of Environmental and Site Services, the Office Clerk will assist with clerical duties such as making copies, filing paperwork, answering the phone, typing residential assessments, creating marketing material for Single Stream recycling and electronics waste.

Skills: Basic computer skills.  Safety training required (EHS online Work-Study Student Training).

Financial Aid, Office of

Description: Clerical position.  Duties including data entry, running errands on campus, scanning/batching documents in NOLIJ.

Skills: Computer skills helpful, but will train.

Fraternity & Sorority Commons

Description: Assist the office of Fraternity & Sorority Commons (FSC) in creating and sustaining the vision for the fraternity and sorority community. Candidates will report to the Associate Dean and will commit to advance the FSC mission as an integral part of the Clustered Learning, Advocacy, and Support for Students (CLASS) framework. Duties include a variety of administrative projects, answering phones, filing, doing light data entry, assisting with department deliveries/package pickup and disseminating information, 

Skills: Prior high school or undergraduate leadership experience with preference for experience serving as a member on a fraternity/sorority governing council or executive chapter leadership. Preferred knowledge of Canva and Hootsuite social management platforms. Preferred knowledge and understanding of fraternity/sorority systems, national and regional trends, policies, procedures, governance, organizational development and recruitment processes. Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing and the ability to analyze and interpret data. Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills. Ability to work independently or as part of a team. Demonstrated problem solving and project management skills. 

Game Room

Description: Students will manage the games room.  Duties include monitoring admissions, ensuring proper equipment usage, overseeing events and programs, maintaining a clean and safe environment, ensuring equipment return. 

Skills: Reliable, good customer service and communication skills.  Problem solving skills helpful.

Graduate Education, Office of

Description: Clerical Position: Duties include filing, opening mail, processing mail out, campus errands, front desk coverage, data entry and other duties as assigned.

Skills: Must possess a good working knowledge of Excel & MS Word.  Must be personable, have good communication skills and good attention to detail.

Graduate Education/Academic Services, Office of

Description: Clerical position:  Duties include general office work such as typing, working with Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, overnight mailing distribution, photocopying, data entry, filing, processing file transactions, other related duties as assigned. 

Skills: Must possess a good working knowledge of Excel and MS Word, computer knowledge of Access along with layout and design software helpful.  Must be personable, have good communication skills and good attention to details.

Graduate School/Outreach Programs

Description: Clerical and computer work. Duties include general office work such as typing, working with Excel spreadsheets and Word documents, copying, campus errands, and other duties as assigned.

Skills: Must possess a good working knowledge of Excel and MS Word. Must have good organizational skills and be personable.

HASS Dean’s Office

Description: Scanning, answering phones, photo copying, creating documents, doing minor research, assisting in office up keep and delivering material and packages around the university campus.  Assist with setup and break down for the Deans office events.  Assist in maintaining office upkeep: watering plants, tidying lobby outside Dean’s office, etc.

Skills: Strong communication skills, basic compute knowledge, ability to follow multi-step directions, personable and business casual appearance.

Houston Field House Box Office

Description: Clerical position.  Duties include work RPI hockey games, pulling and selling hockey tickets for the upcoming hockey season, working with the public, answering phones, handling money exchange and miscellaneous office duties.

Skills: None

Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE)

Description: Clerical work, research on the Web and office maintenance.  Duties include making copies, scanning, binding manuscripts, campus errands and light housekeeping duties near work area

Skills: No special skills. Word and Excel helpful. Dependability is important.

Information Personal Assistance Center (IPAC)*

Description: Think you know about Rensselaer?  Interested in learning and sharing Rensselaer information?  Join the Information and Personal Assistance Center and be part of a team that serves the Rensselaer community.  Main responsibilities include answering phone calls, texts and emails from our community members.  The IPAC office has a long history on campus of providing information to the community.  Additional responsibilities include program development, community service programs, assisting with programs led by the Student Experience staff, development and implementation of program and office publicity.  Other duties as assigned. 

Skills: Needs to be organized, value the importance of being on time, ability to work with people different than themselves and value working on a team.  Office experience helpful, but not required. 

Information Technology/Computer Operations

Description: Duties include assist with handling printer output in the computer room, maintain printers and other computer equipment in campus labs, delivering paper and toner, cleaning and maintenance of hardware opening and closing classrooms and other clerical duties as assigned.  Available hours are 8am-2am, seven days a week.

Skills: Familiarity with computers and printers is helpful, but not required. 

Information Technology Infrastructure

Description: Answering the campus switchboard.  Directing callers.  General office duties. 

Skills: Student must exhibit good oral communication skills.

Information Technology & Web Science

Description: Clerical position. Duties include filing, light typing, mailings, on campus errands, answering phones, and other duties as needed.

Skills: Some light lifting may be required. Knowledge of word and excel. Must be able to work in a professional manner.             

Lally School of Management & Technology

Job Description: Clerical position. Duties include general office work, filing, running errands, helping with mailings, doing data entry, etc. Students with IT experience also needed to assist Lally's IT manager.

Skills: We would like to have two ITEC or CSCI students assigned to assist with our IT dept.

Library (Rensselaer Research Library)

Job Description: Clerical, maintenance, technical positions. Clerical duties include photocopying, word processing, assisting with campus deliveries, pulling and re-shelving of materials, providing directional assistance, answering phones, doing data entry, verifying documents, and filing. Maintenance duties include making minor repairs, cleaning and moving materials. Technical duties include providing basic technical assistance for laptops, network printers and RensSearch workstations. Will also need to answer basic questions involving the library catalog, RensSearch and First Search databases.

Skills: Various skills required for different jobs. Some of these include general familiarity with a library, knowledge of computer applications such as Windows, Word, etc, ability to lift up heavy items, attention to detail, and ability to work independently, excellent communication skills. Technical position requires computer skills, ability to work with spreadsheets and databases, PDF formats, and network printing knowledge.

Lighting Research Center (LRC)

Job Description: Clerical position. Duties include general office work such as copying, assembling conference materials, doing data entry of lab results and library work. Lab Help. As needed, help assemble lighting test apparatus. Support research projects with computer support.

Skills: Must be able to come to downtown Troy between 8:30am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

MANE (Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering)

Job Description: Clerical, web site, maintenance and research positions. Clerical duties include photocopying, running errands, assisting with mailings and party set-up, doing computer data entry using Access, etc. Web site positions include setting up web pages for department labs. Maintenance duties include working in laboratories, cleaning, setting up experiments, and assisting with recording data/results.

Skills: Conscientious work attitude and reliability. Computer skills needed for certain positions.

Materials Science and Engineering

Job Description: Clerical and laboratory maintenance positions. Clerical duties include various office tasks, such as working on graduate recruitment admissions program, doing computer work, photocopying, running errands, etc. Laboratory/maintenance duties include cleaning and upkeep of labs, moving equipment, stocking supplies, etc.

Skills: Reliable attendance necessary. Some computer experience helpful for clerical position, but will train. For lab position, general ability to understand process technology and related lab procedures is needed.

Mathematical Sciences

Job Description: Clerical, research and maintenance positions. Duties include scanning of course materials, cataloging and shelving books in the Math library, posting, running campus errands, assisting with mass mailings, photocopying, gathering statistics for professors, helping with computer projects, and assisting staff with computer knowledge.

Skills: None

Mueller Fitness Center**

Job Description: Fitness consulting, maintenance and reception duties. Duties include ensuring that participants are using equipment in a safe and considerate fashion. Must also be familiar with Mueller Center emergency procedures, and understand and enforce all Mueller Center policies and procedures. Job also involves cleaning fitness center and equipment, interacting with patrons in person and over the phone, and demonstrating a willingness to answer questions or direct questions to appropriate persons. Duties also include reporting broken and out-of-order equipment, following all building opening and closing procedures, cooperating with other staff members and working as a team, and checking patrons' ID cards as they enter the fitness center.

Skills: Need an active email account. Requires a current CPR and first aid certification. Training will be provided. Must attend all staff meetings and participate in staff training.

Physical Plant

Job Description: Student Facilities Planner: Project scheduling/Critical Path Method-develop and update macro level project schedules for deferred maintenance and capital projects, Life cycle calculations, Cost Estimating and evaluation of contractor proposals, Deferred maintenance project defelopment-10 year maintenance planning and roof maintenance program, Research deferred maintenance database (Sightlines) to develop projects and update data in the database, Documenting repairs through photographs, measurements, etc., Verification of existing campus building condition, assistance with infrastructure planning, Engineering review of proposed energy usage and possible energy conservation ideas including lighting retrofit projects, and develop and update service contract scopes of work.

Skills: Word, Excel knowledge required; Powerpoint, Outlook preferred. Any engineering or architecture major is preferred. Student must have the ability to work with minimal direction, be self-motivated, and have strong interpersonal skills to interact with staff.


Job Description: Clerical position. Duties include office support for the department, such as copying, filing, distributing mail, answering phones, etc.

Skills: None

Provost Office

Job Description: Clerical position. Duties include filing, doing data entry, copying, shredding, helping with deliveries on campus, and answering phones.

Skills: None

Public Safety*

Job Description: Clerical position. Duties include filing, running errands, light typing, or assisting with Library Security Watch detail in the evenings.

Skills: Must be able or want to work evenings for Library Security Watch detail.


Job Description: Clerical and computer work. Duties include filing, doing data entry, electronic scanning and filing, alphabetizing, typing, assisting with campus deliveries and mailings, and performing other clerical tasks as assigned.

Skills: None

Rensselaer Union Administration

Description: Clerical position.  Duties include answer phones, distribute mail, photocopying, labeling envelopes, post flyers, run campus errands and other miscellaneous office tasks as assigned. 

Skills: Reliable, personable, computer literate and ability to work in a fast-paced office.

Scientific Computation Research Center (SCOREC)

Job Description: Research position. Duties include working directly with research staff on assigned projects (programming applications, Web page maintenance, etc.), assisting with maintenance and upkeep of computer labs and equipment (cleaning, stocking supplies, etc.).

Skills: Basic computer skills needed, knowledge of programming in various languages desired, advanced computer skills are a definite asset. Must have an interest in participating in research projects.

Strategic Communications

Job Description: Performing clerical duties such as filing, photocopying, and running campus errands.

Skills: Needs great organizational and computer skills.

Student Health Center

Job Description: Clerical position. Duties include filing and other general office tasks such as alphabetizing paperwork, scanning documents, and doing data entry in Excel format. Involves working in a highly confidential environment.

Skills: Computer skills and general knowledge of use of office equipment. HTML web design desired.

Student Life Office

Job Description: Clerical position. Duties include filing, answering phones and doing computer work.

Skills: None

Student Living and Learning

Job Description: Clerical position. Duties include greeting office visitors, answering phones, filing, doing light data entry, assisting with campus deliveries, disseminating information, distributing mailings, handling keys and card access, and doing some computer projects as assigned. May also assist in lock-outs and escorting non-Rensselaer employees through the residence halls.

Skills: Must be customer service oriented with basic office skills. Must be discreet and be able to communicate well with a diverse population of students. Computer skills a plus, including knowledge of PCs, Word, Excel and Photoshop.

Student Success

Job Description: Students will work on developing and implementing new sites and brainstorming ideas, under the guidance of the Student Experience and FirstYear Experience staff. Duties also include general office work, such as answering phones, taking messages, mailing, posting flyers, running campus errands, working with confidential information, learning the timeline and process for upcoming FYE programs, and helping with various projects as assigned. Must attend a bi-weekly meeting in order to work in this office.

Skills: Must be dependable and have excellent customer service/phone skills, computer skills, attention to detail, and ability and willingness to work in a fast-paced environment.

Technology Commercialization

Job Description: Research and clerical positions -- Duties include copying, filing and organizing income and expense documents associated with patenting and licensing and entering data in Excel spreadsheets. Support marketing research efforts -- Duties include identifying uses of a technology and size of the associated major markets and generating a list of companies that could potentially benefit from the technology.

Skills: None

Tetherless World Constellation

Job Description: Clerical work such as filing, doing data entry, and picking up/dropping off campus deliveries.

Skills: None.

Undergraduate Education

Job Description: Clerical position. Duties include general office work such as doing data entry, filing, running campus errands, working with confidential information, copying, assisting with phones, helping with special events, and other duties as assigned.

Skills: Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Access. Engineering or Science students preferred.