Cost of Attendance


Cost of Attendance 2023-24

  • RPI uses the same financial aid Cost of Attendance for students living in RPI owned housing and for those who live off campus, as long as they do not reside with their parents or other relatives. For students living with parents or other relatives, the factor considered for food and housing is reduced to $10,070.
  • Students with child care expenses may contact the Office of Financial Aid to be provided a higher Cost of Attendance which may result in additional eligibility for Federal or non-Federal student loan funding
  • Please see the "Revision of Aid Awards" section of our Student Guide to Financial Aid for information about potential RPI gift award adjustments related to changes in housing location.
  • Tuition rates are same for fully admitted enrolled students (matriculated) and for non-admitted students (non-matriculated). Additional tuition and fee details can be found on the Bursar's Site.
  • All Student are billed for required "Major Medical" Health Insurance coverage. The estimated annual cost for 2023-24 is $2,020. Participation may be waived if the student is covered by family insurance. Undergraduate students may request to have required insurance costs added to their Cost of Attendance if loan funds are needed to cover the cost.
  • For students eligible for Federal Student Aid Program funding, an estimated average Direct Loan Origination Fee cost is added.


  • Students living in military owned housing may request review of food and housing allowance to ensure the higher of the RPI standard or the current military housing cost estimates for the student is provided within the student's Cost of Attendance.

Tuition: $60,360

Fees: $1,524

Food and Housing: $17,530

Books and Supplies: $1,310

Personal Expenses: $1,180

Transportation: $500

Total: $82,404

In addition, all students are required to have a laptop for their course work. Students may purchase one from Rensselaer at an approximate cost of $1,600. If the Office of Financial Aid is aware that a student has purchased a laptop through Rensselaer's Mobile Computing Program, the cost of the laptop ordered will be added to the Cost of Attendance for that student. Otherwise, students may request to have laptop costs added to their Cost of Attendance if loan funds are needed to cover the cost.

Part-time tuition for undergraduate students: $2,520 per credit hour.


Tuition: $60,360

Fees: $1,513

Food and Housing: $16,280

Books and Supplies: $1,540

Personal Expenses: $1,180

Transportation: $500

Health Insurance: $2,020

Total: $83,393

Part-time tuition for Troy-based graduate students: $2,520 per credit hour.

Part-time tuition for Hartford-based graduate students: $2,010 per credit hour.

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Net Price Calculator

The truth is that most Rensselaer students receive support, thanks to financial aid. So instead of looking at the published price, concentrate on your net price — the real price you’ll pay for a college.

What Is Net Price?

The net price, on average, is considerably lower than the published price. If you thought a Rensselaer eduction was out of reach, it may turn out to be affordable.

What Is a Net Price Calculator?

A net price calculator is a free online tool that gives you a personalized estimate of net price. The federal government now requires most colleges and universities to have a net price calculator on their websites.

How Do Net Price Calculators Work?

The net price calculator will ask you questions about your family’s finances and may also ask you questions about your GPA, test scores, activities and other things that may qualify you for financial aid. It uses your answers to figure out how much money in grants and scholarships Rensselaer is likely to award you, then subtracts that number from the full cost of attendance to estimate how much the college might really cost you.

Why Are Net Price Calculators Important?

By providing personalized estimates, net price calculators offer you a more informed way of deciding if Rensselaer is within reach. Knowing your net price:

  • Gives you the best idea of what you’ll pay
  • Makes comparing colleges easier
  • Widens your choice of colleges

Also, different students get different amounts of gift aid. That’s where a net price calculator comes in — it figures out what gift aid you might be eligible for.

Rensselaer's Net Price Calculator