Explore Rensselaer's Mobile Computing Package

Computing is an integral part of all courses of study at Rensselaer and all undergraduate students are required to have a laptop computer.

We offer a laptop package which includes a state-of-the-art computer loaded with a customized software image. You will receive the greatest value for your dollar and on-campus repair and consulting support to help you get the most out of your laptop.

Benefits of participating in the Rensselaer Mobile Computing Program include:

  • Value: In partnership with the vendors, we’re able to offer this laptop package at a substantially discounted price.
  • Commonality: Your classmates and instructors will be using the same system and software.
  • Appropriateness: The laptop comes ready for your Rensselaer course work and is configured for easy connection to the Rensselaer network.
  • Service and Support: The laptop is fully supported by on-campus consulting and repair services.

If you will be coming to Rensselaer and are interested in participating in the Mobile Computing Program, please refer to the Mobile Computing at Rensselaer website for details on the current laptop package options, as well as specifications for all laptop models.