Complete Health Center Requirements

With the transition to college comes the opportunity — and the challenge — of managing your own health. Rensselaer has a comprehensive AAAHC-accredited, physician-directed Student Health Center providing ambulatory health care for all enrolled students. Located right on campus, and within blocks of Samaritan Hospital (a 180-bed community hospital), the Student Health Center offers:

  • Daily appointments (including virtual visits) for confidential medical, psychological, gynecological, and other services.
  • Specialist referrals, hospital referrals, and pharmacy delivery services.
  • A specially designed health insurance plan.
  • Health education and wellness programs.
  • Assistance for students with disabilities.

Rensselaer’s Student Health Center is one of 280 health centers nationwide that is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), a national organization. Accreditation affirms that our health center is committed to providing high-quality care by measuring up to AAAHC’s high standards.


Health Center Requirements & Information

When available for students starting in Fall 2024, details, links to all required forms, and the Student Health Center Portal can be found here.

Pre-Entrance Medical Forms

Pre-Entrance Medical Forms

You will have five forms to complete:

  1. Immunization History Form – Complete and submit this form using the Pre-Entrance Immunization Form that you can download from the Student Health Services website and have your doctor complete (or attach your immunization history). After you submit this portal form, use the “Document Upload” feature of the Health Portal to upload a copy of your completed Pre-Entrance Immunization Form to the portal.
  2. Notice of Privacy Practices Form – Review and submit.
  3. Patient Information-Medical History Form – Complete and submit.
  4. Pre-Entrance Tuberculosis Screening Form – Complete and submit.
  5. Local Contact Information Form – Complete and submit once you know your housing information for Fall 2024.

A pre-entrance physical exam is NOT required unless you are playing a varsity sport.

If you are playing a varsity sport: Have your physician fill out the Physical Exam Form found on the Student Health Services website. You must submit this documentation before you will be cleared to participate.

Student Health Center and Health Insurance Fees

All Rensselaer students pay a health center fee that provides access to on-campus medical, counseling, and health education services. The Health Center does not charge family insurance plans for health care services.

In addition, to ensure access to off-campus health care services, an annual health insurance fee is billed to all students. Our annual health insurance coverage has been carefully designed to reflect the needs of today’s active students. If you have equivalent coverage, our health insurance fee may be waived, but you will be required to pay the health center fee.

Online Alcohol and Sexual Assault Education Programs

All new first-year and transfer students are required to complete two online education programs: AlcoholEdu and Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates. Each course has two parts. More information about how and when to complete these courses will be provided to you prior to the courses opening on or around July 30.

You will receive course instructions via your RPI email prior to the courses opening on or around July 30.

Requesting Disability Accommodations

Students requesting accommodations due to a disability must contact the Office of Disability Services for Students. Once students have been approved for accommodations, they must renew their Faculty Memorandum each academic year. Please see the Student Health Services website for more information regarding the procedure for requesting accommodations. 

Mental Health Services

Students currently engaged in mental health services (therapy and/or medication) are strongly encouraged to maintain that treatment throughout their transition to college life. The Counseling Center, a department of Student Health Services, offers individual therapy and medication management services. Students who want to transfer their psychiatric care from a home provider to a campus provider should forward the following psychiatric records to the Rensselaer Counseling Center: (1) initial/intake note, (2) last treatment note, and (3) medication history. Records can be sent by fax to: 518-276-6642 or by email to: or can be uploaded to the Student Health Portal. Please see the Student Health Services website for information about counseling center services.