Course Registration

You will have the opportunity to meet with an academic adviser from your school/department during the summer prior to the course registration period. If you have any questions about course registration, please email

Incoming Freshman Transfer Credit Procedure/High School Certification Form


Registering for Your Courses

Remember – it’s your first semester – there’s no need to go overboard! There will be plenty of time to look into dual majors and minors after your first semester is complete. You will want to review the course catalog below to help in selecting your humanities elective. Explore HASS Inquiry Courses and Integrative Pathways

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HASS Advising Hub

Lally School Student Services/Advising

School of Architecture Advising

Science Advising Hub

Pre-Med/Pre-Health Advising

Undeclared Student Advising

AP/IB/Transfer Credit

At orientation, we will share details about how Rensselaer applies Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate credit. The Office of the Registrar will provide you with a copy of the credit you have been awarded based on your AP and Higher Level IB test scores. 

Make sure your official AP/Higher Level IB test results are sent directly to the address in the sidebar, attention Office of the Registrar.

First-time freshmen are required to complete all AP/Dual Enrollment/IB credit requests by the end of their first year to be considered.

If you have taken courses for regular academic credit at another college or university, please send catalog course descriptions and college transcripts to the Office of the Registrar now so that they can be evaluated. College courses taken to satisfy high school graduation requirements are not considered. Incoming Freshman Transfer Credit Procedure/High School Certification Form

College Credit & AP/IB Credit Information

Your Student Records (FERPA)

Your student records are protected by the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA). At Student Orientation we will describe this Act and what it means to you. The bottom line is that the records are yours. We will be sending bills and other official correspondence directly to you, the student.