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Recent Student Profiles

Adam Ware ’15 (Dec.)

Aerospace Engineering, minors in Psychology & Technological Entrepreneurship

Christina “Kit” Hammer ’17

Computer Science, minor in Psychology

Eric Igberaese ’16

Information Technology & Web Science (B.S.), Business Analytics (M.S.)

Christian Gonzalez ’16

dual major, Electronic Media, Arts & Communication and Business

Tristan Villamil ‘18
Tristan Villamil ’18

Information Technology and Web Science & Computer Science (dual)

Kelly Dearborn ‘16

Kelly Dearborn ’16

Sustainability Studies (B.S.), Technology, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship (M.S.)

Kathleen McGuigan ‘16

Kathleen McGuigan ’16

Aeronautical & Mechanical Engineering (dual)

Lee Cattarin ’18

Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences & Computer Science (dual)

Alyssa Tozzi ’16

Biomedical Engineering, Concentration in Biomechanics

Jessica Collier 16

Architecture, Civil Engineering minor

Sarah Straub 16

Materials Engineering

Carolyn Chlebek 16

Biomedical Engineering


Cody Kline 16

Business and Management, possible Psychology Minor

Sam Mayo ’16

Biomedical Engineering

Irina Matos ’17

Architecture, Business & Management Minor


Rachel Haskell ’16

Biomedical Engineering

Victoria Hepworth 16

dual major, Biochemistry/ Biophysics and Psychology

Kayla Jones ’16

dual major, Electronic Media, Arts, & Communication and Business, with concentrations in Graphic Design, Finance, and Management Information Systems

Willing Glatfelter ‘16

Willing Glatfelter ’16

Chemical Engineering (B.S.), Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship (M.S.)

Terrence Farrell '16

Terence Farrell ’16

Computer Science & Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences (dual)

Austin Miller ’17

Biochemistry and Biophysics


Charlie Roohan 14

Cognitive Science, possible Philosophy or Computer Science Minor

Paige Townsend 14

Design, Innovation and Society/ Mechanical Engineering

Kyle Brody 14

Business and Management/ Economics, Concentration in Management Information Systems

John C. Wilson 14

Biomedical Engineering, Concentration in Biomaterials

Ashley Vassell B.S. 14, M.S. 15

Information Technology & Web Science

Jessica Wong 15

Electronic Media Arts & Communications

Chloe Hutchinson 15

Management / Economics, Concentrations in Finance, Supply Chain Management, and International Business

Dhruv Jain 15

Electrical Engineering

Jenna Ahlborn 15

Biomedical Engineering, Pre-Med

Reece Kearney ’15

Aeronautical Engineering

Grace Herrmann ’15

Environmental Engineering (B.S. and M.Eng.)

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