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Graduate Student Profile
Julie Beaudet

Julie Beaudet

Hometown: Geneseo, New York
Degree(s) Sought: BS/Ph.D. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Departments: Chemistry and Chemical Biology and Biology
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert J. Linhardt and Dr. Jonathan S. Dordick
Year of graduation: 2013

Julie is a School of Science Graduate Student Council member and alumna advisor for her sorority. She is finishing her PhD in our accelerated BS/PhD program and hopes to focus her post-doc research on improving biocompatibility of medical devices.  Julie uses boxing as a way to clear her head and deal with the stress of graduate school and is currently training at Schott’s Boxing in Albany.

Describe your graduate research and its purpose/applications.

My research involves the analysis of interactions between different sugar structures and proteins, as well as using chemoenzymatic synthesis to create specific structures.  This type of research is important to the development of natural compounds as therapeutics.

What are your hobbies/interests/special talents?

Travel, SCUBA diving, boxing, photography

Why did you choose to enroll at Rensselaer?

I selected the graduate program at RPI as part of the school of science accelerated BS/PhD programI was able to get a jump start on research that interested me and continue building the professional relationships I started during my undergraduate career.  The culture at RPI differs between undergraduate and graduate life but I’ve enjoyed both during my seven years here.

What are some benefits of being part of the Graduate Community at Rensselaer?

There are several benefits to being part of the graduate community at RPI.  The departments are relatively small but generate high caliber research, creating an innovative and collaborative environment.  Faculty and students are friendly and willing to assist in any way they can.

What would you tell a prospective student about choosing Rensselaer?

RPI offers diverse research opportunities as well as many opportunities to present your research on campus.  Campus culture can be quirky but if you’re willing to look around a little there are many social opportunities from grad council mixers to intramurals to pep band. Professors expect a lot from you but it will pay off when you start looking for a job.

List Information about your background and accomplishments in College and Work Experience:  

  • Published 6 peer-reviewed publications to date
  • Supervised 7 undergraduate students over time as a graduate student
  • School of Science Graduate Student Council; BCBP student rep (2011-present), Treasurer (2011-2012)
  • 4th Glycosaminoglycans Meeting: Signaling with Carbohydrates Co-Chairperson (arrange speakers, posters, and advertising for day conference at RPI)

What are your plans following graduation?

After graduation, I hope to secure a post-doc position working on improving biocompatibility of medical devices.


U.S. Advisory Committee for the International Carbohydrate Symposium Travel Grant
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention
Darrin Scholars Fund Summer Fellowship
Rensselaer Leadership Award
Emily Roebling Award

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